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Road, Rail or Sail

Travelling by rail, road or cruise ship is a perfect way to travel. It allows you to sit back, relax and enjoy your surroundings, the company and of course the scenery.

You could even combine all three – now that could be a spectacular journey!

Some people prefer not to fly - whether it's through wanting to cut their carbon footprint or perhaps fear of flying. It is possible and pleasurable to visit many worldwide destinations by train, coach or ship.

Whether you're looking for a short break or an extended holiday, you can travel further afield than you might think without the need for flying!

You can explore the UK and Ireland as a self-drive or escorted tour, cruise around our shores or discover it all by rail. 
You can also widen your experiences to Europe without setting foot on a plane! Travelling by rail, road and water is all part of the journey.
Want to go further? Of course you can! If you have the time, there are a variety of cruise companies offering world cruises.

It is possible to circumnavigate the globe without flying, but if your leisure time is limited and you want to experience further afield, there are options to fly for part of the journey and then pick up a cruise, train or coach journey. 
There are, of course, alternative modes of transport to add to the mix: you could also cycle, horse ride or walk!

I can take care of all your travel requirements from road or rail to sail! Why not try something different? You won’t be disappointed!

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