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Nikki's Blog: Let me find the perfect cruise for you

There’s something quite refreshing about cruising - waking up in a new port to discover a new town or city.

I've always enjoyed river cruising - you don't have a set table or dining slot. It's flexible and I prefer à la carte dining over buffets. Cruising the Danube with Tauck was amazing, and visiting different areas gave me a real insight as to where I’d like to return to discover more.

I hadn't cruised at sea until 2022. If I’m honest, I didn’t think I’d enjoy it. I’m not one for being told what to do, so the idea of being told where I was going, what I was doing, where to eat, when to eat and who I shared a table with wasn’t my idea of a holiday. I'm happy to report that Virgin Voyages proved me wrong...

Virgin Voyages encapsulated all the elements I loved about Tauck and then some. Being larger, there was a huge variety of bars, restaurants and entertainment. The ports were also more varied. So I quickly discovered I did quite like cruising at sea after all...

Then along came Quark Expeditions and a 14-day Antarctic voyage. This was a smaller ship (if you are planning an expedition, being on a small ship is a huge bonus, as they can usually change itinerary based on weather). The team on board were amazing and at top of their fields, whether it was ornithology, global warming or glaciology.

The lectures were all fascinating, and life on board was as busy as you’d like to make it. Having to seek shelter behind an iceberg is something I won’t forget!

Then, last summer, after a few days in Rome, I was able to embark on a tall ship sailing cruise around the Amalfi coast with Star Clipper. It was utterly spectacular and each sail away party was so evocative as I sipped Champagne, with the wind in the sails and the sound of Vangelis playing – memories in the making.

They say there is a cruise for everyone and I’ve got to agree there really is. So if you are on the fence about trying one, give me a call and we can find one that ticks all your boxes.

If you’ve cruised before and have your favourite cruise company or if you’ve seen a sailing you like the look of, give me a call and I can book them for you.

And if flying or cruising is not your thing, I’ve got plenty of rail holidays in the UK and Europe up my sleeve...


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