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Nikki's Blog: Snowmobile adventure in the Arctic Circle

Even as a child, whenever I saw snow falling, I couldn’t help but get excited.

Now I’m grown-up, and what better place to go for excitement than Lapland, north of the Arctic Circle in Finland. This five day 'Snowmobile Voyager' adventure did not disappoint. It had everything from the time we came into land at Enontekiö Airport to the moment we left.

There was something magical when we broke through the clouds, and I caught my first glimpse of snow covered hills and forests that extended into the neverending distance. On arrival at the airport, I boarded my coach to take the two and a half hour journey to Kilpisjärvi.

Now I’m used to the UK, where a few centimetres of snow brings the country to a standstill. In Finland, it’s not a problem. The main road may have been covered in ice, but our driver drove as if it didn’t exist. Mind you, he did have special snow tyres. We stopped en route to pick up our thermal suits and all weather boots which we were going to need in -20°C temperatures.

The resort was situated between a group of lakes, covered in ice, with large rocky outcrops covered in snow - a quite beautiful setting.

The buildings were everything you’d expect - glorious wooden chalet style, clean, efficient, warm and welcoming. My accommodation was something else, with the bedroom upstairs covered by a glass dome that gave 270° view of the surrounding countryside. I also had an indoor sauna attached to the bathroom.

Now, being in Lapland, one has to visit a reindeer farm and have a sleigh ride, both of which I did as well as drinking hot blackcurrant juice and eating marshmallows beside the barbecue.

All the meals provided by the resort were wholesome and of a good standard as was the bar area which I enjoyed every evening, mixing well with the other travellers.

As I may have already mentioned, there is a lot of snow and I mean a lot! So to get around, one has to travel by snowmobile. They are great fun and so easy to drive after just a brief introductory lesson.

The company we used were top-notch. The snowmobiles were brilliant and the cold weather gear they provided was first rate. Our first trip out was late afternoon as it was getting dark, and we crossed the lake and traversed some hills and then stopped for refreshments in a log cabin on a hillside to listen to stories. It reminded me of Noggin the Nog as he sat by the great log fire, listening to tales of long ago.

Our second adventure was to visit Finland, Sweden and Norway. In one journey. Now I’ve mentioned that the equipment was first rate and we were about to find out whether the guides were first class. I must admit it was a bit blowy when we started off and following each other’s tracks was challenging; half an hour into our two hour trek, we began to lose sight of each other as the wind increased and the snow obscured our view. The staff called a halt to the convoy of snowmobiles as they gathered together to check on weather conditions.

The wind speed began to increase and visibility deteriorated, and we were very exposed in the middle of a lake. Eventually, it was decided we had to turn back... The first time they had ever abandoned a trip.

My how the adrenaline began to flow as we headed back to base. I loved it!

I never felt afraid as the very experienced staff kept a close eye on us all, especially as the wind reached 80 mph. Well, after that, what else was I going to do? Go on a snowmobile again to Norway and Sweden, of course. So over the evening meal, I booked for the next day.

Next morning, it was all but impossible to walk to the restaurant for breakfast, as the snowfall overnight had been so extreme, indeed, the heaviest fall of the winter. This did not deter our merry band and off we went to a point where Norway, Sweden and Finland meet and again enjoyed hot blackcurrant drinks in the middle of nowhere.

On my final night, I joined a group that were walking out on the lake to skywatch for the Northern Lights. And I saw them, I saw them, I saw them - not that I was excited!

After 2,000 photos, I returned to the bar where I drank a final toast with my newfound friends to a great time had by all.

To experience the great outdoors in winter, where snow is king, is truly amazing.

Finland and its people make up a proud nation, and life is of a high standard which makes visiting the country even more special.

I would happily return and stay in my glass dome chalet lying on my bed, looking up at the sky where a million stars twinkle every night.

Lapland is something special believe me.

If you would like to do this trip, departures in 2025 are from £1,239 pp.


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