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Wedding inspiration for Mauritius from Beachcomber

Mauritius offers crystal lagoons, palm-fringed beaches, verdant peaks and an exotic mix of cultures and cuisines. It's true to say that it's an exquisite emerald gem in the turquoise Indian Ocean. Once experienced, the charm of this spectacular island will stay with you forever. Where better than to say "I do"?

I have been so fortunate to visit this beautiful island and I have even been involved in the preparations for the couple’s special day. From cake decorating and bouquet making to preparing their room for the wedding night!

So why not exchange your vows in paradise and say "I do" at one of the idyllic Beachcomber Hotels in Mauritius? A decision you will never regret...

Dreamy beachfront locations, dedicated in-resort wedding planners and guarantee of just one wedding a day at each of the eight Beachcomber resorts will make your wedding day exclusive and memorable in Mauritius.

Enjoy discounts on accommodation costs, luxurious accommodation, award-winning à la carte dining and a choice of Beachcomber Experiences.

Whether it be a blissful candle-lit dinner, indulgent spa treatment or adrenaline-filled sporting adventure, the Beachcomber Hotels are the perfect venue to start married life.

For almost 70 years, Beachcomber Resorts & Hotels have built their reputation on making holiday dreams come true, with divine destinations, superb luxury hotels, impeccable service, delicious cuisine and exceptional facilities.

As the first hotel company in Mauritius, Beachcomber Resorts & Hotels got the ‘first pick’ of some of the most stunning locations and prime beachfronts on the island.

All eight of their Mauritius hotels are designed to make the most of their magnificent surroundings, ensuring you enjoy a holiday of a lifetime.

What stands out most about the Beachcomber Hotels, however, is the staff themselves. A better title would be ‘artisans’ - they are there to look after you from start to finish.

I love the ethos of Beachcomber, because they believe your holiday, wedding or honeymoon should be like finding the perfect shell on a blissful, castaway beach. An exquisite, treasured moment in time that you will cherish forever.

Together we will help you create your own beautiful Beachcomber experience. Whether it’s escaping to a tranquil tropical island where azure seas lap white sands, delighting in the glitz and glamour of a dazzling city – or enjoying the best of both worlds.

Planning ahead? Not a problem! NC Travel are booking weddings with Beachcomber up to October 2023 and with pricing guaranteed! For more details on weddings and honeymoons, please get in touch. Trust us to make your dream wedding a reality! We look forward to hearing from you soon.


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