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Top 9 mistakes tourists make in Italy

Essential tips for a flawless Italian adventure by avoiding these common travel mistakes...

1) Boarding a regional train without validating the ticket

Tickets for regional trains, or any ticket that doesn’t have a specific time and assigned seat, needs to be validated.

2) Ordering a latte (when you want a coffee)

Latte is the Italian word for milk. If you want a coffee, try an amazing Italian espresso for the best.

3) Driving in the ZTL

The ZTL, limited traffic zone, is off limits to drivers who don’t have a permit. Also, watch out for speed cameras as you drive around Italy.

4) Standing in ticket lines

If you don’t really like to stand in an endless line and wait to take a ticket for an archaeological site, then you can just book it online.

5) Relying only on credit cards or bringing traveler’s checks

In Italy, there are many places that still don’t take credit cards, such as small family-run restaurants and shops, so it is better to have cash with you.

6) Over-planning and over-scheduling

If you visit Italy, just forget the tight and strict schedule. Visitors often find that the most memorable part of their trip was something they didn’t plan.

7) Overpacking or travelling with a heavy suitcase

You really don’t need many things to have an unforgettable experience. Pack a few things and a good mood and get ready for a memorable getaway.

8) Trusting the GPS

GPS for driving is certainly very helpful but it’s not a good idea when it comes to Italy, since it’s common for towns or villages in different regions to have the same name.

9) Being the victim of a theft

Rome and Florence are the places that tourists most often report thefts of items like purses, cameras, passports and money, so you’ll have to be really careful…


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