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The Ultimate Winter Wonderland with Santa's Lapland

Dreaming of a 2024 Christmas with an extra sprinkle of magic? Step into a real-life winter wonderland and see your storybook Christmas jump off the pages. Santa's Lapland offers the kind of Christmas that comes once in a lifetime - whisking families away to magical Lapland during the festive period and giving you the chance to meet Santa and his cheeky elves.

With mystical reindeer, enchanting pine forests, frozen lakes and snow – what more could you want in the world of Christmas? Travel with Santa’s Lapland to an other-worldly destination where wonder fills the air, magic is never-ending, and even grown-ups are invited to believe all over again.

A Christmas like no other

Deep in the Arctic wilderness, your once-in-a-lifetime experience awaits. Situated in the far north of Finland, hidden in the snowy forests of Saariselkä, more than 200km above the Arctic Circle, Lapland is one of Finland's most beautiful regions - with snow falling, a magical winter wonderland stretches as far as the eye can see. Put on your snow boots and explore the cozy little village - with festive souvenir shops and restaurants nearby, you don’t have to wander far for anything you need.

Watch their eyes light up like Christmas trees

Feel the excitement build as you travel North to Finnish Lapland, where a magical winter wonderland awaits you.

The magic starts the moment you step onto the plane then it’s pure Christmas fun. Their special Santa Lapland flights are full of fun and laughter. You'll play games, sing festive songs, and have team races down the aisle – you’ll have a holly jolly old time. Even more fun and a special surprise await you when you arrive at Ivalo airport, so keep those eyes peeled.

These trips are packed with exciting, snow-filled activities guaranteed to bring the whole family together.

Two magical packages to choose from

Santa’s Lapland offers an unforgettable Lapland trip perfect for a family Christmas, with 2 or 3 magical nights in Santa’s Lappish homeland.

Santa’s Magic

Experience the magic of Lapland – choose between five great hotels to sleep in before heading off to meet Santa and his elves. Revel in a sleigh barn show, a festive dinner, and step into a magical igloo where a surprise will be waiting for you. Follow Santa's glow trail he's left behind by a snowmobile sleigh for your private meeting with Santa.

Santa’s Aurora

Santa’s Aurora has a bit of luxury sprinkled on top, sleep under the Northern Lights and enjoy a wilderness dinner experience. Whoosh around on a snowmobile safari and enjoy an extended husky sled ride at our exclusive activity centre. Travel by reindeer sleigh, following Santa's glow trail for your private meeting with Santa and his Aurora Elf.

All Santa’s Lapland adventures include flights, transfers, half-board accommodation, and cosy thermal suits. Travelling is part of the adventure, with magic at every step.

Wrap up in a blanket and step aboard a reindeer-driven sleigh for a gentle ride through the frozen landscape. Enjoy an exhilarating husky sled ride, or try some fun snowy activities including tobogganing, snow hockey and mini skidoos.

Then the biggest dream of all will definitely come true. Get ready to join the Great Search for Santa. Follow the magical glow trail that he leaves behind wherever he goes to find his secret log cabin for your private family meeting with him.

You've dreamt about it, now see it

Snow as far as you can see. Beautiful pine forests. It’s true that in Santa’s Lapland, magic is in the air, as well as in its night sky. Keep your eyes peeled and perhaps you’ll catch a glimpse of the greatest natural show on earth.

The Northern Lights are one of nature’s most amazing spectacles. And on your stay in Saariselkä, there is a chance that you’ll see them in all their full glory.

All families are welcome to experience the magic of Santa’s Lapland. Join us for a Christmas like no other and make memories that will last a lifetime. Contact Nikki to book your 2024 Santa’s Lapland trip today!


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