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Nikki's top travel advice for airports

I know many of you are heading away for the Easter holidays.

There are a number of ways you can make the process run as smoothly as possible at the airport:

  • Ensure you arrive in plenty of time – for long haul flights, I would suggest 3.5 hours prior to departure as opposed to the suggested 3.

  • Check-in online - then you can just go to bag drop.

  • Ensure your hand luggage is packed correctly. If you have any liquids, they can be no more than 100ml and must be in a separate clear plastic bag. Be prepared, and use the plastic liquids bags I send with your tickets.

  • No water bottles with liquid in them!❌

Let’s help each other. There's nothing worse than standing behind someone who has to open and repack their hand luggage to do this.

Other helpful hints

  • Don’t wear belts or lots of metal jewellery. Or if you do, try to remove them prior to security. Keep pockets empty wherever possible.

  • Don’t wear shoes with metal in the heels; trainers or soft shoes are best. Wedges and boots will need to be removed, so think twice about wearing those.

  • Phones, iPads, laptops, etc. have to go through separately so make sure they are easily accessible, or in your suitcase where possible.

  • Coats and jackets need to be removed, so get ready before you reach the security point.

  • There are no toilets when going through security so make sure you make a visit beforehand, and plan for toilet stops for your children if in long queues.

Be prepared, be patient, and remember, the security staff on duty are doing their best to ensure we all travel safely.


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