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Client Blog: A surprise trip to Mauritius

We travelled to Mauritius for our 25th wedding anniversary - this was going to be a total surprise for Sarah. Nikki had arranged everything from the parking to the style of the room - she is amazing.

We booked a nine-day holiday and our flight took us through Dubai as a stopover. Our holidays must always be around school breaks as Sarah works in a school. We had never been to Mauritius before; it was recommended by Nikki as she had first-hand experience of the island, and what an amazing choice!

The resort Le Cannonier was fantastic - quiet, clean, fresh, amicable to any request, beautiful beach and lovely sea so plenty of snorkelling, a full 5-star rating from pulling into the driveway to the all-inclusive bar and selections of fish and food in the restaurant.

The selection of food and how the restaurant was laid out, the amazing staff always smiling, friendly and always going beyond the norm - they even laid on a celebration for our 25th anniversary meal. We mostly stayed on resort - we did walk to the local town but it only had three shops.

We hired a car for the day and visited several destinations on the island with no plan – just turn left or right. It seemed an exceptionally clean island with a big divide between built up cities to tranquil villages and coastal areas.

Everyone we spoke to had a good understanding of English and made us feel very welcome. The weather was perfect every day - mid 30s - not too hot and when it did get hot, a dip in the pool or sea was always a pleasure.

The aim of the holiday was mainly to chill and relax - we both work very hectic lives and holidays are to recharge the batteries.

The resort we stayed in was mainly for French guests which also added a certain 'je ne sais quoi'. The children were polite and not too noisy and everything had a sense of calm and respect for everyone else.

We spent most of our days on the beach – chilling. I would recommend this hotel resort to everyone if you want to chill. The service was impeccable and standards were always at the highest we have seen before.

Nikki as ever went beyond her remit; we never have to worry about any of our trips we have booked through her, from London for a weekend away or to Egypt for Christmas, Tenerife and many more.

Everyone needs a Nikki to arrange their holidays - such a personal service that no chain could offer and the people Nikki knows on these resorts always adds a bonus on your holidays. She really is amazing.

Wesley & Sarah Wilson


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