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Why you need to visit Canada on a road trip

Canada is one of the best places to plan an upcoming trip, not solely because of its beauty, amazing experiences and stunning wildlife but the sheer space that surrounds you when you are exploring.

Canada has always been popular with travellers across the globe, especially for those who love to explore the country on their own terms on a fly drive Canada holiday or motorhome holiday.

Read on to find out a little more about why you should consider visiting Canada on a road trip and what makes it one of the best places for a self-drive holiday.

Vast landscapes

One of the main benefits that Canada offers visitors is the vast space and landscapes, perfect for those who may be travelling by road.

Your Canadian holiday can be as secluded or as busy as you like, depending on your preferences.

With huge lakes, vast mountain ranges and roads that seem to lead on forever, if you don’t want to visit a city landscape then you don’t need to.

Locations like Lake Louise, the Rocky Mountains and Banff National Park are some of the popular locations for those who want to experience Canada on their own terms on a fly drive or self drive holiday and want to focus their time on the landscapes as opposed to the cities.

The range of options in Canada is endless.

Rare wildlife

Canada is known for its wonderful array of wildlife, some of it very rare, and if you’re in the right places you can quite often catch sightings of these stunning creatures.

There is no better way to try and see some of this rare wildlife than on a self-drive Canada holiday. Whether you’re longing to see a bear, go whale watching or get a glimpse of a moose, a Canada road trip is the place to see it.

Polar bears

Polar bears are one of the rarest bears in the world and Canadians are lucky to have them dotted around their coastlines. If you’re wanting to get a glimpse of one of these magnificent beasts, then the Western Shore of Hudson Bay is your best bet. Churchill is known as the ‘polar bear capital of the world’ and is where these beasts descend when they are looking to find land.


Whale watching is an experience that is on a lot of people's bucket lists and it is understandable why. With so many species and variations surrounding Canadian waters, a trip offshore is bound to bring the goods. It is known that there are 30 species roaming the 202,000 km of coastline, which means the chances of spotting one are pretty high.


Moose are an animal you may forget to look out for when in Canada due to their rare nature, Known for being the largest member of the deer family, moose can grow to a staggering 3.1m tall so they are often hard to miss when you’re travelling through the country.

Unique experiences

Canada is a country of total uniqueness and it doesn’t disappoint.

From adrenaline-filled water sports and experiences, to fulfilling activities everyone will love, below are just a few of the options available to you.

Float at the base of the Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls, on the edge of the Canadian border with the USA, is one of the most visited attractions in the world and is the ultimate photo opportunity. Many that visit will spectate from the viewing platform at the top of the falls, but for those who want a little extra from their experience, then a boat trip to the base is the best way to go. A selection of boat and helicopter tours are available that offer a unique perspective of these incredible waterfalls.

Walk around the CN Tower

If you want to see Toronto from a whole new perspective, then why not walk around the CN Tower? EdgeWalk is known for being Toronto’s most extreme attraction and offers visitors the opportunity to walk the ring at the top of the CN Tower completely hands-free.

Visit the Rockies

For those who love an adrenalin activity, then why not head to the peaks and explore the Rockies? Known for being one of the most famous parks in Canada, the Rocky Mountains can offer you some of the best skiing in the world, with views you can only dream of. It's also a great place for avid photographers and those who just love exploring.

The Rockies are an incredible destination and one most people visiting Canada want to visit. The Canadian Rockies are the pinnacle of outdoor adventure.

Stunning lakes and coastlines

If you love being near water or want to enjoy a coastal holiday, then Canada is the perfect place. Not only does the country have the largest coastline in the world, but it's also home to some of the world’s most unique and impressive lakes.

Lake Louise

Lake Louise is located in Banff National Park and is one of the most visited lakes in Canada. Its sheer beauty, crystal clear blue waters and impressive surroundings make it one of the most relaxing and fulfilling places to visit.

Hopewell Rocks

Hopewell Rocks are situated in New Brunswick and were formed thousands of years ago by tidal erosion. Also known as flowerpot rocks, the rocks offer funny shapes poking out of the blue waters. The location is popular with tourists and is also a great location for those who love the seaside, with stunning beaches and coastlines.

Long Beach

Long Beach is located in British Columbia and offers what the name suggests - a long beach. It may not sound like much but this beach is one of the most popular in the country and is the longest beach in the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve.

We look forward to booking your Canadian adventure.

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