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"Stop trawling the internet, use a terrific small business and enjoy more holidays" - Darren

If, like I once did, you spend far too much time faffing about online looking for holiday ideas only to get bored, give up, or frustratingly find your choice is no longer available for the dates you selected, then you badly need to meet Nikki.

We have never looked back since finding her three years ago.

She provides a great service, including expert advice on locations, does all the hard work and takes all the hassle out of finding and booking a great holiday.

After a quick chat, I get a selection of ideas filling my WhatsApp and they are all available for the requested dates. We simply get back with our preferences and everything gets done. Simple.

We got caught in the Gatwick drone problem a couple of winters ago and within six hours, Nikki had rescheduled our trip, all protected by an ATOL travel bond. The value of a good travel agent.

Stop trawling the internet, use a terrific small business, get personal and unbelievably prompt responses and enjoy more holidays!

We cannot recommend Nikki highly enough.

Darren Smart


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