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"I hope you enjoy any holidays you book with Nikki as much as we did" - Hannah

This testimonial for Nikki will appear heavily biased – because it is. Whilst this was not the first holiday I’ve booked/ or had booked for me through Nikki, it is one that will stay with me forever. Because something that doesn’t get mentioned enough is the protection Nikki creates around a memorable holiday, and I hope this testimony proves what an absolute star Nikki is.

As I said, this is not the first holiday I’ve booked through Nikki. Previously she has planned all of my travel to get me to and from a wedding in Austria, and was recommended to me after she attended a networking meeting with my mum. I can confirm I was the only person at the wedding who didn’t have to wake up at three am to make sure their taxi arrived, and that is thanks to Nikki.

So when I was told I’d be going to Disneyland, and that my mum had booked through Nikki – I knew to expect great things. All of the travel details arrived in an organised pouch, so all we had to do was get ourselves to St Pancras. The details even included advice for how early to arrive, and what we could expect on our journey, which was really helpful.

Nikki was also able to organise for us the train that goes straight from St Pancras to Disneyland, rather than stopping at Lille on the way and switching trains, which I know is the norm for people trying to organise their own trips.

Once we arrived, Nikki had arranged for us to leave our bags with Disney Express, so that we could go straight into the park. It rained the entire first day, though that’s no fault of Nikki’s, so Mum and I took the time to wander through the park at its quietest.

I haven’t been to Disneyland since I was six years old, and it was an incredibly nostalgic trip for both of us. The hotel room Nikki booked for us was lovely, and we retreated to it once we were fully soaked through. It had a sailor theme, which was fun, and was at the front of the hotel making it lovely and bright the following morning. Nikki had also organised the breakfast option on our ticket, so we could start our day with an incredible buffet before heading back into the park.

Thankfully, it was sunny for the next two days, and Mum and I clocked over 62,000 steps, which I think officially classes it as a walking holiday. The trip back home was as smooth as our arrival, and if we’d planned it better, we’d have booked a restful weekend through Nikki to recoup.

Nikki’s service the entire way through the process was exemplary. She’s friendly and approachable, and her advice is second to none. She is the only person I recommend when people ask for a travel consultant, and I don’t see that changing any time soon.

This is my five star recommendation, and I hope you enjoy any holidays you book with Nikki as much as we did.



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