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Wild swimming with dolphins in the Azores

From £70 pp

Portugal, The Azores

2.5 Hours

Group size: 2 - 8

Join a small group and get up close and personal to nature, on an unforgettable experience that gets you in the water with dolphins in their natural environment, the wild Atlantic Ocean.

The tour sets off from Ponta Delgada harbor, in São Miguel Island, on a zodiac boat with a group of around eight people. Before you set off on your adventure, a team of marine biologists will explain to you everything you need to know: how to get into the water, how to interact with the dolphins, and how to use your snorkel and mask.

Then, you’ll head out into the vast blueness of the Atlantic Ocean, in search of dolphins. Swimming with these incredibly intelligent creatures in the epitome of a wild landscape is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, as you enter their realm and interact with them safely, and responsibly.

Normally, you will dive around two or three times, and each time will take your breath away as you get to know the charming dolphins that freely wander the expanse of the ocean.

Your guide, a marine biologist, will provide you with some fantastic insight into dolphins’ lives, and you will arrive back in the harbour with memories to last a lifetime.

What's included

  • Pre-tour briefing

  • Life jacket, mask and snorkel, shorty wetsuit and life jacket

  • Marine biologist guide

  • Refreshment after the boat trip

  • Insurance (personal accident and liability)


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