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Wild swimming, breathwork and riverside sauna in Cumbria

From £60 pp

Rydal, Cumbria, England

3 hours

Small group

A combination of intense breathwork, followed by a guided immersion or swim (depending on the time of year) and sauna experience.

Dive into a happier you. Teach your body and mind to beat sadness, be more resilient, more robust, boost your immune system and your happiness.

You start with intense breathwork to prepare your body for the cold water. Meditative breathwork gives you an insight into separating mind-based fears and body-based action. The meditation is very relaxing in preparation for the immersion.

You’ll be guided to a beautiful swimming spot and taught the best ways to enjoy wild swimming in all its glory.

You will return to the meeting point to warm-up with hot drinks, and experience the eco-sauna, where you’ll sweat out your toxins and ease and relax into your body while watching wildlife on the river.

A sublime experience: you will leave feeling rejuvenated, alive and wonderfully well in your mind and body.

What’s included

  • Intense breathwork

  • Immersion or swim in the surrounding waters

  • Guided meditation

  • Hot drinks

  • Sauna experience


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