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Self-catering villa holidays in Europe

Everyone has a different priority when it comes to holidays, but there’s something we all have in common; seeking somewhere we can switch off from the everyday and enjoy quality time with our loved ones.

Knowing that self-catering villa holidays provide just that, we’ve shared why they’re worth considering for your next getaway.

Ultimate Flexibility

With a self-catering villa holiday, it’s all about flexibility. Whether you choose to explore the local attractions each day, relax by the pool or a combination of both – it’s your choice.

Knowing that there’s no one else around, except your family or friends, helps to create a home-from-home – which is what this style of holiday is all about. And with an array of beautiful sights, landscapes and cultures to get stuck into in Europe, choosing your own itinerary will be part of the fun. The world is your oyster!

Great Value

The cost per person per night with a villa holiday is often lower than other holiday types – and you’ll have more space to enjoy too. Just think of the private pool, barbecue terrace and the beautiful views that are there for just you and your family to enjoy.

What’s more, leaving your pet behind isn’t always a must with a self-catering villa holiday, as many villas allow your furry friends to stay too.

Culinary Delights

A self-catering villa holiday gives you every opportunity to get to know the local food scene, with no worries about sticking to breakfast, lunch and dinner timings within a busy hotel.

Every day, there’s a chance to try something new; whether it be stumbling upon a family-run restaurant or wandering through local food markets for something you can rustle up back in the comfort of your villa.

Food and drink are often at the forefront of any holiday; but seeking out local restaurants and markets will bring you closer to the local cultures and traditions – an ideal way to immerse yourself into your chosen destination.

A Family Paradise

There’s so much space in a villa holiday, meaning kids, grandkids or ‘big kids’ can run around and make as much noise as they like – knowing only you, your family or friends will be part of the fun and no one else will be disturbed.

There won’t be any need to share a room either – as villa holidays have enough space for everyone, giving you the privacy and space, you need.

And just think…you can buy all the inflatables and outdoor games you like!

So Much Choice

When it comes to choosing where to go, or what villa to book – the options are endless. From small villas for couples to large villas for multi-generation family holidays, there’s plenty of choice for everyone.

With so much to explore in Europe, often choosing your holiday destination is the most difficult decision of all. Opt for Croatia and appreciate the rolling countryside of Istria, the dynamic Dalmatian Coast, explore the unique islands in the Adriatic and be sure to taste the delicious fresh seafood. Or perhaps Tuscany? With an array of vineyards and olive groves, as well as an in-depth history to learn more about, means it’ll be a break to remember. Wherever you choose, we’re confident it’ll be the right choice.

Book your villa holiday today!

If we’ve inspired you to book a villa holiday, contact us today and we’ll make sure we find your perfect break.


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