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Nikki's Blog: Top tips for your first time on the Norfolk Broads…

The idea of sailing a cruiser on the Norfolk Broads sounds idyllic and it can be if you take a little time to plan your trip and learn a few tips that can make your holiday so much more special.

If you are not an experienced boat person, it will not prevent you from having an enjoyable time. Your boat hire company will give you a thorough induction.

Tip 1

Choose a cruiser that comes with bow thruster as this means you can literally turn the boat on a sixpence or move into narrow spaces when mooring.

Tip 2

Plan your route and travel slowly to enjoy your surroundings and always wear your life jacket when moving around the boat.

Tip 3

Don’t be afraid to stock up with enough food and drink so you can create a meal on board whenever the mood takes you.

Tip 4

Don’t forget to fill up each day with water, which is readily available from blue hoses either on public moorings or from boat yards.

Tip 5

Don’t forget to get your waste material (sewage) pumped out at least once if you are on a week’s cruise. Any boat yard will supply this necessary service.

Tip 6

In busy seasons, moorings in popular places are at a premium so be prepared to moor further out on a public mooring and walk into towns or villages.

Tip 7

For a quiet night, why not leave the river and turn into a broad and moor up by using your mud weight, which keeps you safe surrounded only by water and wildlife.

Tip 8

If you want to drive the cruiser and enjoy the views, hire one with the controls on top of the boat as well as inside - it will be a blessing if the weather is fine.

Tip 9

Enjoy every moment as the time will ‘sail’ by quickly!


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