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India and Mauritius: The two jewels of the Indian Ocean

Looking to lose yourself in a historic and cultural experience? Maybe you need to get away from it all and escape to an island paradise? Why not try both?

To help you decide, I will be looking at some of the favourite destinations in India and the island of Mauritius. So take a look below and see why these destinations should be on your holiday list in 2023 or beyond.


A country rich in culture, steeped in history and revered for its influence, plus it’s home to some of the world’s most delicious cuisines and what could be the greatest feats in architecture known to man.

The vastness of India may overwhelm you and there is a chance you haven’t the faintest idea where to start. But lucky for you, I have highlighted three destinations in India you can visit to get the most out of your experience... So keep reading!


Delhi is the national capital territory of India; here you will find the capital city New Delhi. A great destination for single travellers, couples and small groups, it’s the perfect place to start your Indian journey.

The energy of the city is the first thing you will notice; the bustling city streets, markets enticing you with vibrantly coloured clothing and the smells of wonderful foods leading you to new culinary delights at every turn.

One day of exploring the city will give you a real taste of city life in India, but Delhi has even more to offer – some of the most famous buildings and sites in India can be found in this very place.

Humayun’s Tomb

We suggest the Red Fort, which is ideal for museum goers, the Qutub Minar, the oldest monument in Delhi and finally Humayun’s Tomb, the tomb that inspired the famous Taj Mahal.

Three incredible historic marvels in architecture and ancient innovation, which show the other side of Delhi - all worth seeing when you visit.


The highlight of most holidays in India will be visiting Agra. A destination for all travellers - singletons, families, couples and groups big or small.

In Agra, you will find the illustrious Taj Mahal, a tomb completed in 1648 by a Mughal general as a tribute to his wife. Love, art and culture culminate to make this tomb as remarkable as the day it was built. This incredible complex is renowned enough to be part of the new seven wonders of the world!

Made of pristine white marble, the structure reflects the colours of the sky above, appearing pinkish white at morning to noon and golden at sunset. Be sure to get there early – not only is it a special experience to watch the sunrise, you’ll escape the crowds a little too.


A shoppers’ paradise and one of the most beautiful cities in India, home to royalty and pink in colour scheme, the city will charm you with its majestic buildings and almost never-ending markets.

Speaking of markets, get ready for all the street shopping you could ever want! There is plenty to buy - authentic Indian spices, wonderful jewellery and quality clothing. Just make sure you have enough suitcase space!

If you get hungry during all of that shopping, there are hundreds of food vendors and restaurants offering mouth-watering shawarma, spicy curries and sweet treats.

India with G Adventures

Wherever you choose to visit in India, G Adventures offer a wide range of group tours that don’t miss a thing. Contact me to find out more.


Next up on our not-to-be-missed destinations for 2023 and beyond is Mauritius. Known for its luxury resorts, white sandy beaches and crystal blue waters, it’s an ideal destination for couples and families seeking an exceptional, once in a lifetime paradise.

In Mauritius, you’ll be wanting to take incredible photos everywhere you go as you explore the island, with its waterfalls, botanical gardens and Indian temples that I’m sure will amaze you.

If you dare to leave the bliss of a sun lounger, there are plenty of activities to take part in - water sports, golf, hiking, diving, snorkelling and boat trips around the island.

I’ve recommended three destinations on the island that are worthy of a visit – and you can believe me when I say the pictures do not do them justice!

Port Louis

The cosmopolitan capital of the city contrasts the beautiful beaches of Mauritius and in my eyes, deserves a day trip. Caudan Waterfront has it all; you’ll find a huge entertainment complex here with everything you’ll ever need – shops, authentic restaurants, museums, cinemas, a large craft market and even a casino if you’re feeling lucky!

Flic en Flac

Looking for the perfect honeymoon location? Flic en Flac will provide everything you need to make it unforgettable. Some of the most stylish luxury resorts can be found in this part of the island, with beautiful pools that almost rival the Indian Ocean itself, relaxing spas with couples’ massages and gourmet restaurants serving incredible cuisines.

You can find the longest beach on the island here, but the beach and luxury resorts are not all Flic en Flac has to offer. Release your inner party animal at the main strip – the cocktail bars and vibrant night clubs light up as the sun goes down.

Trou aux Biches

A must-see for all travellers to Mauritius, this small town is the locale of the most beautiful beach on the island. Which means its easily one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. There are not enough words to describe the splendour of this beach, so the image will have to do the talking...

I can offer a range of luxurious getaways to Mauritius, including Sugar Beach Resort in the desirable spot of Flic en Flac. To find out more, get in touch today and I will secure your perfect holiday.


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