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"I will never travel without speaking to Nikki first" - Philip

Hi Nikki,

Firstly, I wanted to say a huge thank you for all you did for us leading up to and during our holiday. Honestly, you were truly amazing. I am so sorry it has taken me this long to write this. Since being back from holiday I haven't really stopped. It has always been on my mind to write a review but I kept getting waylaid.

So here we are...

During the height of Covid, I think we were all taught some very valuable lessons, none more so than how much we should value our friends and family. It taught us to re-evaluate what is important, that we should take stock and treasure these precious moments in time, because it's these moments that provide the fondest of memories. These memories are the ones you look back on and wish you could revisit over and over again; this gives life purpose and meaning.

With this in mind, I asked my mum if she could go anywhere in the world, where would she like to go? New York, she replied. So I set about getting it booked and I knew just the person to ask.

I had seen a lot of Nikki's posts on Facebook and met her a few times at network meetings. I always found her to be incredibly down to earth, helpful and knowledgeable. So I gave Nikki the challenge of finding the perfect long weekend break to New York, in February (which is a little cold).

Nikki did all the research for me and gave me four great options. These included the flights, transfers and hotels. All of which were fabulous and made the decision process that much easier. We set up a payment plan and it was booked within a matter of days. What more could you ask for? Well, Nikki's amazing customer service didn't end there.

In the lead up to the holiday, we were drowning in paperwork, vaccinations, testing, certificates, law changes and rule changes - you name it, we leaped over every obstacle put in front of us but we couldn't have done that without Nikki. I cannot remember the number of times I spoke to and texted Nikki to negotiate the latest rule changes from both countries. When it felt like the world was against us, Nikki was always on hand to help us see sense.

I even spoke to Nikki from New York when the rules changed again, and once again Nikki was at hand to help. Honestly, Nikki is truly amazing. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her.

Nikki made a weekend full of cherished memories possible when at times it felt impossible. I will never travel without speaking to Nikki first.

I can't wait to book my next holiday...



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