How the conflict in Ukraine could affect travel

The increasingly worrying events in Ukraine have shocked the world. Millions will be affected directly and indirectly.

If you are considering travelling, I have highlighted some key points for you to consider:

  • Airlines cannot fly over Russian airspace so some flights will take longer

  • Russian airline Aeroflot is not allowed into the UK

  • The FCDO advises all but essential travel to Russia and Belarus and has advised anyone there to return to the UK as soon as possible

  • Ticket prices are likely to rise due to increased fuel costs and longer flight times

  • Cruise lines are changing itineraries that include Russian or Ukrainian destinations

  • Poland, Slovakia, Hungry and Romania are not at risk at the moment. However, avoid the countries' borders due to hundreds of thousands of refugees escaping the conflict.

  • Moldova closed its airspace on 24 February

  • Lithuania declared a state of emergency and everyone must carry ID at all times

Our thoughts are with all those who have been affected by this dreadful conflict.