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Five top tips for visiting Iceland

Here are our five top tips for visiting Iceland...

Go exploring

If you have any extra time after your tours and Reykjavik, rent a car and get out of town to explore the natural wonders of Iceland. But be prepared for high petrol prices.

Embrace forward-thinking

Some of us prefer the more last-minute approach to travelling but when visiting Iceland, seasonality and unpredictable weather mean it’s important to arrange things and book any tours you might be interested in in advance.

Get your culture on in Reykjavik

You’ll most likely fly into Reykjavik anyway so take the time to explore its museums full of Viking history, go in search of street art and appreciate the magnificent architecture.

Layer up

You’ve probably already thought of this based on the temperatures but bringing layers and preparing for any kind of weather is vital. Especially in the summer when temperatures can range from 5-25 degrees.

Be savvy when it comes to food

Eating out is very expensive compared to most other countries so do your research before you head out for the night. That being said, there are lots of ways to keep the costs down. Don't buy bottled water – the tap water is excellent and the environment will thank you for it too. Find a local Happy Hour – enjoy a beer in a local bar at cheaper prices and NEVER buy beer from the supermarket. (Supermarket beer is lower than 2.25% alcohol!)

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