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Client Blog: Trayc's stay at the Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife

Firstly I want to say how grateful we were for a very personal service, and I felt that you went above and beyond for us. I don’t know if this is normal practice, but it made us feel special.

The airport

I know that this is completely out of your control, but felt that I'd have to mention this, as there has been such negativity in the news lately, but our flight with EasyJet was just great. We had no issue with the travelling, times and no delays. I do appreciate how fortunate we were, as a few friends had their flights cancelled, and their holidays cancelled due to this. But we had a great flight to and from, with no issues.

Private transfer

Thank you for arranging this. We were collected from the airport with no bother, and had a lovely drive in a Mercedes to our destination. The return trip was in a small, modern Mini transit van, but it was just us, and saved the hour's drive around the island picking up other holiday makers. We were dropped back at the airport at the right location, so it was a great service, and both drivers very friendly and professional.

Hard Rock Hotel Tenerife

Well it ticked all our boxes - I think this is the first time I have arrived anywhere and didn’t ask to move rooms! The Rock Star Suite did exactly what it said on the tin! The hotel room was spotless, it had a beautiful sea view, there were balloons and chocolates on arrival, a jacuzzi bath, a waterfall shower, clean and so comfy beds.

Nothing was too much trouble - everything is bookable via an app, and it took us a couple of days to get into the swing of things with the app, but all the staff are incredibly helpful.

We had access to our own private lounge and breakfast room. Breakfast was served at the table, instead of queuing up with a plate! Afternoon tea every day was included. Plus we had 90 minutes' access to the spa every day, which had a thermal jacuzzi circuit and was one of the best spas I’ve ever visited. A number of other people said the same thing.

The food in the main restaurant was really good quality, fresh food, which catered for EVERY dietary requirements and taste: fish station/ meat station/ roast station/ pasta station, fresh salads (so many to chose from), vegetarian section/ vegan section, and if you asked, there were gluten-free options too.

There was also access to a steak, Italian and Japanese restaurants. We only used the steak restaurant - on our wedding anniversary - and I had the best steak I’ve ever had in there.

Lagoon Pool
Lagoon Pool

There were three pools. A children’s pool with a DJ - this was up by the main restaurant. We never visited this pool during the day, but it was lovely to sit by in the evening to have your meal. The lagoon pool, which is something I’ve never experienced before, and was like stepping into a bath. This pool also had a DJ that played brilliant music all day long, so you could snooze along to chill out tunes. There were acrobats every day in the lagoon pool, which was breathtaking, and one day they even had a rock guitarist that played along with the DJ, which was awesom. The adults pool was to the right of the second tower of the Hard Rock, and they just played the best mixture of music all day long. It truly was a special experience.

Evening entertainment was a little hit and miss. In the first tower where the main restaurant was, they had an area in the middle of the hotel where they had entertainment every night in the form of singers and musicians. There were some great singers on, but this area is mainly for families with smaller children.

Then there was the rooftop bar on the 16th floor of the second tower, which had a panoramic view of Adeje and breathtaking views and sunset. When it got a little nippy, the staff would light little fires to keep the chill off and provide you with little cosy blankets. They worked tirelessly and made sure you were having a great time. Every night they would have a mixture of singers and DJs with a great party atmosphere.

When we arrived at the hotel, we had a lovely couple of quiet days. However at the weekend... in came the stag/ hen/ girlie/ lads weekenders, which transformed this beautiful hotel to party central, with loud behaviour that made us move areas a couple of times.

But after the first weekend, it went back to the tranquil hotel, until the following Wednesday, when half term hit, and suddenly the hotel that had only been half full for the first half of our holiday was now at maximum capacity with 1,600 holiday makers.

However, I would definitely consider going back for my friend's 50th in a couple of years’ time.

Top tip - The hotel can get busy during school holidays so consider the dates you wish to travel.

I have added some pictures of the hotel and didn’t take anywhere near as many as I had wanted to. All the memorabilia around the hotel is a museum of rockiness, and apart from some Guns n Roses drums, I didn’t take a single picture. Britney Spears' clock, Michael Jackson’s robe, Beyoncé's bra, the Beatles' holiday pictures in Tenerife... The whole hotel was a shrine! THAT was my biggest regret. LOL.

Thanks again for organising it, and I can’t wait to start working on the next one.

Thanks again,

Trayc 😊


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