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"All I can say is Nikki surpassed my dreams and more with this holiday" - Emma

It was a pleasure to arrange animal loving Emma’s special birthday trip to the Bahamas - where she swam with pigs!


Today feels the absolute time to shout out this amazing lady - Nikki Curran!

When the pandemic hit and the travel industry felt a huge impact along with so many others, travel agents were the first ones to help everyone get their money back and move holidays and put in the painstaking hours to sort all their customers… for FREE (probably with little gratitude).

So today is travel day of action and I need to let you all know how phenomenal Nikki is.

For my 40th, Craig and I wanted to do a big holiday. I originally had my heart set on the Maldives.

Cue me messaging Nikki. We were Facebook friends and had been for a while. We’re both horse lovers/ owners, both into networking and supporting local businesses and she had bought bits of Younique and jewellery from me but we didn’t socialise or hang out. I’m pretty sure my message to her just said: "Help! I neeeeeed your help! 😂🤦"

Nikki came to our house and spent hours with “little miss indecisive here” helping me (oops us) choose our dream destinations. She already knew from my Facebook that I’m a social butterfly and like to enjoy life so said the Maldives for this occasion might be too quiet for me. She was sooo right (but I will go one day).

After hours round ours, she recommended some of the most amazing destinations that I now want to visit them all! We decided on New York for four days then the Bahamas at a Sandals resort for ten days!

Okay - let’s go!

All I can say is this lady surpassed my dreams and more with this holiday. I wanted to swim with the pigs in the Bahamas - she booked the trips, organised everything. We literally didn’t have to think about a thing.

We got upgraded (I’m sure by her ☺) in the Sandals resort and it was the most phenomenal experience from start to finish. No stress, everything sorted and dealt with, itineraries given to me for every flight, luxury pick up and more.

And I’ve just realised I haven’t added a single NYC picture - oops! Clearly the Bahamas stole my heart ❤

So please, people, when you’re thinking of booking holidays, something extravagant for a special occasion or something more basic, please please use a travel agent (well Nikki) because quite frankly the government have done bugger all for them and they do so much for us.

NB I’m not getting a free holiday for the recommendation 😂 Thank you Nikki for the most amazing holiday. We will be in touch soon for next year’s safari or Thailand for fishing...

Emma & Craig


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