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A short guide to supporting sustainability and helping you ‘Go Green’ on your next holiday

Moraine Lake, Canada
Moraine Lake, Canada

The growing demand for eco-travelling means it’s never been easier to make more sustainable choices. Sustainability is at the centre of some travel and hospitality companies, with many implementing eco-friendly measures within their offerings.

Here are some ‘Going Green’ methods to consider when you travel:

  • Holiday in an eco-friendly destination which encourages using their public transport, walking or cycling. They may also have local food markets or volunteer programmes. Some destinations promote ‘living like a local’ and have introduced tighter measures to cut back on plastic materials.

  • Fly with an eco-conscious airline or fly direct where possible. Many airlines now provide the option to offset your CO2 emissions, are reducing plastic on-board and are making more conscious decisions about the fuel they use. You can also help by packing lighter and taking reusable bottles.

  • Stay in a sustainable hotel or eco-lodge who have been certified and reduce their environmental impact through green best-practices, such as reducing waste, saving energy and cutting down on water usage.

  • Greener cruises: several cruise lines are introducing more environmentally friendly vessels to their fleets, from combining diesel and electric motors which provides much less noise and lower emissions, to being powered by Liquified Natural Gas (LNG). Water purification systems using solar power to heat water are also being implemented which will reduce plastic usage.

  • Greener food options: Travel companies and hotels are researching how to reduce emissions from food. Several key areas include reducing food waste, using local produce or promoting more vegetarian and vegan options, which typically have a lower carbon footprint.

Large or small, we can all do our bit to keep travel green, and I’m on-hand to provide recommendations. Contact me to find out more.


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